Titirangi RSA

Titirangi RSA is a warm, welcoming, family-friendly club in the heart of the Titirangi community.

Joining the Titirangi RSA is a great way to meet new people and you can make use of all our facilities, including our regular live entertainment, bar with well-priced alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks, family-style restaurant, social and sports clubs, and gym.

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Donate to the RSA

As you may be aware, Poppy Day has been postponed this year. If you would like to donate to our Returned and Service people you can Donate. Thank you.

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TITIRANGI RSA is the perfect place to catch up with friends and family, and make new friends! –
09 817 6415.



Monday to Sunday- From 2.00pm to CLOSE


Monday- From 2.00pm to CLOSE
Tuesday to Sunday – From 2.00pm to CLOSE
Public Holidays excluding ANZAC Day – 2pm
Closed Christmas Day & Good Friday


Open to everyone aged over 18

The Club Titirangi Membership 18-64 Years- $45.00 – Donation $20.00 -Total: $65.00

The Club Titirangi Membership 65+ Years – $25.00 – Donation $20.00 – Total: $45.00

Titirangi RSA Membership 18-64 Years – $57.00 – Donation $20.00 –
Total: $77.00

Titirangi RSA Mmebership 65+ Years – $37.00 – Donation $20.00 –
Total: $57.00

Titirangi RSA Returned & Service Membership – $25.00 – Donation $20.00
Total: $45.00

Being a member entitles you to cheaper drinks, meals and it’s a safe and friendly environment to chill out and socialise with your friends.


Family-friendly restaurant serving tasty meals at an affordable price, plus it’s got a great view for you to enjoy.
– Tuesday (Only for Quiz Night)
– Wednesday- Sunday 5.30pm-8pm


A decision has been made to commence fund raising to improve the visual image of the interior of The Club and in particular the present lounge area of the club rooms.
It is estimated that at least $250,000.00 will be needed to complete this work which will include new carpet and furnishings for the entire club.

It is hoped that this amount can be raised over a two year period and that the required work would be able to commence in about 12 months from now.

We urgently need to improve the visual image of our club and bring it up to a standard equal to or better than any of the other establishments within our area who offer food and beverage along with removing the perception that an RSA is predominantly for ex-servicemen and women and their families. We need to aim to become the most attractive, most inviting and most vibrant club for everyone in the wider community in our area.

We already have the edge over the other establishments in that we offer excellent food and beverages at much better prices than the other establishments, we offer a much safer environment for families to be in because of the club constitution and rules, we all have respect for our club and what it stands for and lastly and by no means least we have a fantastic group of members and staff already who are willing to make any new member or visitor to the club very very welcome. In a couple of words “One of the best extended families anyone could ever find anywhere”.

Building Renovation Current Total