Titirangi RSA Membership

We have different types of membership for the club, Returned and Service or Associated.

If you have previously or currently served in the military then you can apply for a Returned & Service Membership. If you are a trusted friend of someone who is already a member, or you would simply just like to join our club. All the forms of membership are listed below. Either fill out the online application or download the form and bring it into the club.

Basic Club Rules

Titirangi RSA Membership

Open to ALL members of the community over the age of 18 years. Applicants require a current photograph although we can make this process super simple by taking your photo for you. Available to those who have an ambition to belong to a friendly proactive club and who enjoy socialising with family, friends and other club members.

You can pay your Membership fee online by depositing direct into our ASB Account 12-3100-0091150-00.

Please use your first & last name in the ‘Reference Boxes’ provided.

We will contact you once your card arrives for collection. Membership is renewable at the end of each year (December 31st).

Costs as follows

18-64 years old – annual fee of $57.00 – Donation $20.00 – Total: $77.00
Over 65 years old – annual fee of $37.00 – Donation $20.00 – Total: $57.00


The Club Titirangi Membership

Titirangi Returned and Services Association (Inc) is the ONLY shareholder of the new club known asTHE CLUB TITIRANGI’ and gives members the option of belonging to one or the other.
At present the Titirangi RSA pays huge capitation costs to The Royal NZ Returned and Services Association in Wellington of which we get little or no benefit. The RNZRSA is also undermining the poppy collection funds in our area. Under the new system you can be a member of EITHER Titirangi RSA or The Club Titirangi.

By becoming a member of THE CLUB TITIRANGI you will be saving us capitation fees that would otherwise go to Wellington.

As a member of THE CLUB TITIRANGI you have the right :

  1. To enjoy/use the Titirangi RSA Premises.
  2. You have reciprocal rights to other RSA’s and Clubs NZ premises.
  3. You have the right to join the Titirangi RSA adjuncts i.e. Fishing, Pool, Snooker, Darts, Over Sixties and Gym Sections.
  4. You have the right to apply for Welfare Hardship Grants from the Allan Ruthven Memorial Welfare Trust, (excluding Poppy Funds as these funds are only available to Returned & Service NZ Defence Force Personnel).
  5.  You are eligible to win the Weekly Membership Draws.
  6. You are NOT entitled to Vote in the Titirangi RSA Elections.
  7.  You are entitled to attend the Annual General Meetings; however, you are NOT entitled to speak or vote at the meetings. We currently have a membership of 1700. Only 200 members voted in the 2018 election and only 68 members attended the AGM. If you have never voted and have little or no interest in voting, then we encourage you to join/transfer your membership to THE CLUB TITIRANGI as your membership fees will remain in YOUR club for the benefit to YOU and YOUR club.
  8. The Membership Cards for both the Titirangi RSA and The Club Titirangi are identical and include both logo’s.

To Sum Up: If you want to help YOUR club and you don’t vote join as a member of THE CLUB TITIRANGI – Thank You!

  • Club Member – Annual Fee of $45.00 – Donation $20.00 – Total: $65.00
  • Club Member over 65 – Annual fee of $25.00 – Donation $20.00 – Total: $45.00


Returned & Service

Returned service men and women who have served in any war or in a peace deployment as defined by RNZRSA.

These applications must be accompanied by evidence of military or police service.

  • Costs as follows –

    • Annual fee of $25.00 – Donation $20.00 – Total: $45.00.


Kids’ Club Membership

Kids Club! $5.00 per year, weekly draws, for their chance to pick something out of our treasure box along with a little something for there birthdays.
  • Costs as follows –

    • Annual fee of $5.00


Online Application – Kids’ Club


All visitors are welcome at the club as long as they observe our simple codes which is generally dress nice and be polite and always remember to sign in.