Glen Eden RSA Sports and Social Clubs

Join one of our sports and social clubs. They’re great fun and a good way to make new friends.

Any member of the Glen Eden RSA can join the sports and social clubs.

Ladies Darts

Meets Monday evenings
8 competition dart boards are available

Ladies Indoor Bowls

Meets Monday evenings

Men’s Darts

Meets Tuesday evenings
8 competition dart boards are available

Summer/Winter League 8 Ball

Meets Wednesday evenings
3 8 ball tables available

Dive section

Meets Wednesday evenings

Aussie Rules 8 Ball

Meets Thursday evenings


Organises trips away to some fabulous fishing sites


Organises golfing events and trips on a casual basis

Youth Groups

A great way to meet other youth members of the club, for casual get-togethers and trips.

Competitions and club visits

Sundays is the day for 8 ball and dart visits to and from various clubs