In 2008 one of Titirangi RSA’s treasured friends passed on – Alan Ruthven. Alan left the Titirangi RSA a very generous gift and the members of the Titirangi RSA voted to create what is now known as ‘The Alan Ruthven Trust’ which came to be in November 2009. The purpose of the Trust was to provide and cater for some of the welfare needs of the Titirangi RSA members in times of need. ***Subject to certain criteria being met.

Titirangi RSA elected 5 Trustees who were entrusted to administer and oversee the day to day operations of this Trust. The Trustees were responsible for setting specific guidelines for the distribution of funds – such as grants for dental, hearing & vision with members required to meet specific criteria. The Trustees and the members of the Titirangi RSA were determined that this great man’s great gesture would see welfare needs catered for the next 10 – 15 years and beyond.

The Trustees are the Club President, Club Welfare Officer plus 3 other elected members of the club – they oversee this Trust ensuring that it is administered in a responsible manner at all times and report direct to the Titirangi RSA Executive Committee on a periodic basis.

The Titirangi RSA continues to oversee and administer the day to day operations of Welfare with the ‘5 Alan Ruthven Trustees’ solely responsible for the administering of the Trust and the disbursement of Alan Ruthven Trust funds. If you would like to know more about the Alan Ruthven Trust then please contact the President of the Titirangi RSA.

For all other Welfare enquiries then please contact the Welfare Officer Matt McMillan on 021 498541