For Matt McMillan welfare has become a very satisfying and worthwhile commitment, particularly being able to help our RSA Veterans and their wives in many ways that many of our Veterans were not aware of (eg War pensions, various grants etc). These people deserve our help as we were helped by them during War time.

Over the past year the RSA has lost many of our long-term members to illnesses which unfortunately affect the elderly, with many of our members now in their 70’s, 80’s and even 90’s. I visit many families at this time and Veterans have often requested that their funerals be held in their RSA.

This year I have also transported quite a few members to Auckland Oncology for treatment – at one stage regularly transporting five people for chemo with some early appointments, necessitating rising at 5am.

Welfare meetings are regularly held with other RSA’s in West Auckland. I have also visited RSAs outside of West Auckland and met with their Welfare Officers and Secretaries. I find Welfare is definitely a job where you never stop learning and you are richly rewarded by the appreciation of our members and their families.

If your family or friends are unable to assist in the first instance and you require,

• transport to hospitals & medical appointments
• assistance with medical & bereavement arrangements
• advice and direction during difficult periods
• assistance with optical and hearing devices

The following Hospitals have shuttle services – they each have varying charges – so please ask when you contact them.

For Waitakere Hospital appointments call 0800 000606

For North Shore Hospital call 0800 809342 (Then press 5)

(Remember make your bookings as soon as you receive your appointment letter – Do not leave it to the last minute)

If you can’t get family, friends or a Hospital free shuttle then please call the RSA Office on
817 6415 (Matt McMillan – Welfare Officer)